"Sravanam Keerthanam Vishnoho: Smaranam Padasevanam,

Archanam Vandanam Dasyam, Sakhyam Aatma Nivedanam"

The nine processes of bhakti are:

1. Hearing 2. Chanting 3. Remembering 4. Serving his feet 5. Worshiping 6. Offering prayers 7. Being a servant 8. Being dear 9. Offering one's atma itself to the Lord.



Sri Anjaneya (Hanuman) is the foremost devotee because of his dedicated service to the Lord. Sri Anjaneya( Hanuman) has shown that the size of the Kainkaryam (service) does not matter. Bhagavan(God) is pleased, even if the smallest service is done with great devotion.

We have completed our two years of service with great success with the help of dedicated volunteers. To enable smooth functioning of our temple, we need your continued support and volunteering.

Symbolizing the Nava Vidha Bhakti, as described in the puranas, we have formed nine volunteer groups , to help with various ongoing tasks. Each group comprises of five teams of five members per team symbolizing the Five Elements. These groups and teams provide you the opportunity to volunteer your Seva (services) to benefit  the temple and our community as per your experience, expertise and availability.  One person can signup & volunteer maximum in 03 teams only. The temple management has assignned  the group lead and will work with the groups as per temple requirements, and make final decision whichever will be benefit for the temple.


A member of each team will lead the team for every six months, and report to  head of the group. This provides rotation of the lead role and equal opportunity to all volunteers. In case you are unable to continue volunteering at any given point in time,  we request to provide a month’s notice so that the temple can seek a replacement. We request you to continue to serve until a replacement is found.

If you would like to volunteer your time at the temple, please visit the temple’s website  (  and register your  name, contact number, mailing address and email address.

Please note that the temple adheres to rules, regulations and restrictions as per the Vedic Shastras. Most of us are aware of these commonly followed rules,regulations and restrictions (such as not entering temple premises without taking shower, not visiting the  temple for 10 days following birth or death in the family, and other monthly restrictions etc.). If you are not aware of these rules  or require additional clarification, we  request you to approach Temple before signing up for a volunteer opportunity.


Disclaimer:  Temple management reserves the right to change any group or team as needed. All  decisions will be  made by the Temple management  only .




The following are the Nava Vidha Bhakti Sevas  and their responsibilities:


1.    Religious Group

a)    Priest assistance Team

Assist priest during major Pujas and homams


b)    Event setup Team

Work with Priest to Setup and decorate temple Hall during all temple events. Responsible for Dismantling  and storing props after festival completion.


c)    Prayer hall and puja utensils Cleanup Team

           Cleanup temple hall during and after every event. Wash all puja utensils.


d)    Vastram maintenance Team

Fold and organize Vastrams. Iron Vastrams (can be taken home) and return to the temple


e)    Mala making Team

Make malas for all temple deities  weekly (on weekday mostly Thursdays)  and for special events.


2.    Prasadam Group


a)    Dining area & Inventory maintenance Team

Set up and clean up dining area. Maintain inventory of all kitchen supplies such as groceries plates, Cutlery etc. Work closely with the cooking team


b)    Cooking Team

Make prasadam in the temple kitchen as per event needs maintaining temple restrictions


c)    Serving Team

Serve Mahaprasad during weekends, special events and as and when needed


d)    Kitchen cleanup Team

Responsible for cleaning kitchen and kitchen utensils


e)    Naivedyam Team

Coordinate with devotees for Mahaprasdam volunteering. Prasadam to be cooked at home and brought to the temple as needed for weekdays, weekends and special pujas/ events.


3.    Educational Group

a)    Vidyalaya team

Running Gurukulam during school year (September to June) . Coordinate with teachers, parents and students. Collaborate with respective associations for curriculum materials.


b)    Seminar & Innovation team

Propose and arrange special seminar relevant to community


c)    Yoga & Health Management team

 Arrange Yoga class, camps and promote health habits by conducting relevant events


d)    Cultural class coordination

Schedule and coordinate all cultural classes (music, dance etc.) offered by Gurukulum (on weekdays and weekends)


e)     Temple event Decoration   

Responsible for exterior decorations of the temple perimeter (such as Diwali light    decorations,Navrathri decoration, Rangoli and seasonal festoons)


4.    Cultural Group


a)    Special Event coordination

Work with priest for arranging special events outside the temple premises under the auspices of the temple. Arrange transportation, accommodation and food for performing artistes.


b)    Temple Function performance

Coordinate with priest assistance team for scheduling and organizing events during major temple festivals (Navrathiri, Ayyappa Samaradhanai, Radha Kalyanam etc.)


c)    Youth Team ( Age 11 to 18 )

Youth team helps in Soup Kitchen, Sandwich making, Gardening and other religious activities.        Maintaining Vidyalaya attendance, creating templates for temple communication, participate in walkathons, engaging young kids during major festivals. Course counselling and experience sharing on a peer to peer basis as needed.


d)    Women's Team

           Envision and coordinate supportive program and services that impact women and society. Conduct skill demonstration.


e)    Senior Citizen team

          Conduct monthly gathering for senior citizen devotees with the following objectives:Spirituality and healthy in everyday life - guided discussions and sharing of experience. Arrange informational  sessions for retirement financial planning and medicare enrollment etc.Conduct annual camp for senior citizen


5.    Operations & Maintenance Group


a)    Parking team

Assist in parking during major temple festivals.


b)    Temple Tidiness

    Maintaining cleanliness of temple (except temple hall and dining hall)


c)    Landscaping

Plant and maintain temple Garden throughout the year


d)    Crowd Control

Create signboard, maintain discipline and orderliness during major events within the temple


e)    Front Desk

Attend phone calls, assist with temple counter during weekdays and weekends, maintain    mailing list and provide information to devotees


6.    Digital & Media Group


a)    Audio / PA system

Play songs, aartis  etc as per priest’s direction during major functions. Set up mics and speakers during special events (both inside and outside events)


b)    Live Telecast

Responsible for live streaming of temple events as per priest assistance team instructions


c)    Newsletter and Communication

Maintain mailing list subscriptions, create and  send weekly newsletters as per priest’s directive. Maintain and monitor temple whatsapp groups and temple FB page.Communicate special events .Email birthday wishes for dollar a day members , event reminders to all devotees and other communication as and when needed


d)    Flyer Design

Create flyers for all temple needs. Access to personal computer and required software knowledge is a must.


e)    Panchangam preparation Team

Temple takes pride in creating Vedic Panchangam as per local time  and distributes every year to all devotees. Responsible for creating information in the specific format as well as proof reading. Access to personal computer and basic knowledge of word or excel is required


7.    Outreach Group


a)    Public awareness Team

Volunteers  attend various community meetings and events representing temple and routinely share information about the temple with the general public.

Distribute temple posters and flyers at key locations (such as restaurants, grocery shops etc.)


b)    Special events  team

Coordinate and conduct events to provide assistance for community (National, International and local) in event of any calamities


c)   Stall and Booth coordination team

Coordinate with vendors for putting up booths and stalls during major events.  Knowledge of local business and exhibitors is preferred


d)    Dollar a Day

Reach out to community and local businesses to enroll in Dollar a day program. The aim is to increase enrolment in the program


e)    Annual sponsorship

Reach out to community, business for annual Puja, special event, calendar advertisement sponsorship


8.    Public Relationship Group


a)    Camps Coordination Team

Arrange for special camps during summer and spring breaks Coordinate with vidyalaya group as needed


b)    Community services Team

Coordinate and arrange events providing service to the community.This includes interfaith activities, food services for the homeless at soup kitchens ,volunteering at food banks,participation in local Walkathons, Health Fairs and Workshops for the benefit of the devotees and the community.


c)    Special Needs Coordination Team

Conduct events exclusively for devotees with special needs.


d)     Spokesperson Team

Represent temple and articulate temple needs to county and state officials as needed


e)    Website Maintenance

Maintain temple website and update regularly as per the direction of various teams. Knowledge of web design is required.


9.    Temple Expansion Group


a)    Planning Advisory Team

Advisory team will focus on all aspects of temple construction


b)    Financial Planning Team

    Maintain temple construction related accounting  


c)    Loan and Land Procurement Team

Interact with bank, county and real estate agents


d)    Official Engagement Team

Represent temple and articulate temple needs to county and state officials for temple construction


e)    Construction planning Team

Review plan and layout provided by engineering team and provide feedback to management. Prior knowledge in designing/ architecture is preferred


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